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Mr. Segal, as the CEO and founder of GTAI, is deeply committed to fostering research, development, and business collaborations between Israeli startups, industries, academia, and other entities. His extensive knowledge of Israeli industries and advanced solutions is centered on creating high-quality business interactions between Israeli companies and international governments, enterprises, integrators, and organizations.

Mr. Segal's vast experience in the realms of big data and IoT, which predominantly involve Machine Learning, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Video Analytics, and Detection Sensors, is a valuable asset to GTAI.

He has played a pivotal role in numerous Smart City projects globally, leveraging advanced technologies. These projects have incorporated tens of thousands of low-power sensors, innovative big data control centers, wearable cameras, and DSPs for real-time Intelligent Video Analytics.

With his expertise, Mr. Segal excels in evaluating potential connections, collaborations, and ventures between different companies and complementary solutions, as well as in engaging with high-level governmental and municipal officials.

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