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Office of interest

GTAI is offering to establish a dedicated office in Israel, managed by Mr. Rami Segal, focusing on LLM, Deep Learning, and AI interests.

GTAI supports clients at every stage of market entry, from initial contact to establishing a branch, with a focus on AI-driven industries.

GTAI offers tailored solutions, leveraging our bilingual expertise and deep understanding of the local AI and tech markets. We go the extra mile to assist with business, technology, regulatory, and logistical challenges.

For clients looking to expand their business relations with Israeli companies in AI, LLM, or Deep Learning sectors, GTAI can provide crucial information on potential partners or distributors, including company registration and creditworthiness.

If you're interested in engaging with Israel's semiconductor, Internet of Things, and big data industries, GTAI can provide cutting-edge solutions and access to quality, focused information and contacts in the AI domain.

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