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Gal Technologies Artificial Intelligence Products

GTAI's Advanced AI-Driven Video Analytics Solutions

Face Recognition Software:
GTAI offers cutting-edge technology that focuses on recording faces in a crowd rather than the entire video. This allows you to select a specific face and search for it within the recorded faces, leveraging LLM, Deep Learning, and AI for precise identification and behavior analysis.

I-ON-U Monitoring Software:
GTAI's innovative software ensures that your control room operators stay on task. The software utilizes AI to measure the frequency of eye blinks per unit of time and monitor the operator's gaze distribution. For example, it can verify if an operator is spending 20% of their time looking out the window, 30% on the PC screen, and 25% on the video monitor. With a simple camera setup in each required direction, the software accurately measures and evaluates the operator's activity, enhancing security and efficiency in your operations.

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