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GTAI is a consulting and development company specializing in connecting industries with innovative LLM, Deep Learning, and AI technologies. Our primary clients are startup companies in the AI field seeking guidance and training to navigate the technological landscape effectively. GTAI serves industries that have been recycling their product lines without leveraging the benefits of advanced AI technologies in today's market. We assist our clients in building AI-focused business plans that help define problems and offer a range of AI-driven solutions. For each AI technology, GTAI provides comprehensive insights into advantages, disadvantages, risks, costs, personnel requirements, and timelines.



GTAI specializes in the development of advanced CCTV and Video Analytics solutions, leveraging the power of LLM, Deep Learning, and AI for enhanced image processing and behavior analysis in security applications.

Our hybrid Audio and Video Management Software (VMS) is equipped with powerful Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) optimized for outdoor security environments. The core system is designed to operate on standard computers and can seamlessly integrate with both analog and IP video sources from various manufacturers, supporting high-definition and megapixel cameras.

By incorporating AI-driven technologies, our solutions offer superior accuracy and efficiency in detecting and analyzing complex behaviors and patterns in video data, providing our clients with cutting-edge security tools.



GTAI offers innovative software solutions for neighborhoods and communities, utilizing LLM, Deep Learning, and AI technologies to enhance video analytics, image processing, and behavior analysis. Our software intelligently aggregates multiple emails from different users into a single, organized newsletter. This not only streamlines communication within the community but also allows users to customize their preferences, selecting topics of interest and determining the frequency of updates.

By incorporating AI-driven algorithms, our software ensures that community members receive relevant and timely information, fostering a more connected and informed neighborhood environment.



During the years Gal Technologies became a CTO expert for the following markets: Home Land Security, Safe City, Critical Facilities, Borders, Mega Sports Events and more. 



Group of experts in IOS and Adroid that are ready to develop for you the next Smartphone App

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