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GTAI: Leading the Way in AI Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

CTO Services for AI Innovation - Addressing complex scientific and technological challenges with a focus on developing a technology business plan tailored to LLM, Deep Learning, and AI initiatives. This includes proposing AI technologies, assessing risks, allocating development resources, and outlining timelines through simulations and mockups.

AI-Driven Product Management Services - Strategizing the planning, forecasting, marketing, and production of AI-powered products throughout their lifecycle. GTAI specializes in creating professional analysis documents such as Product Requirements Documents (PRD) and Software Requirements Specification (SRS), with a focus on AI and Deep Learning applications.

Research and Development (R&D) in AI - Providing engineering services for the development of new products, both hardware and software, with a particular emphasis on AI. Our service includes collaboration with industrial scientists for research in AI fields to facilitate future AI product development.

AI Business Development Services - GTAI offers standardized matchmaking services in a global consultancy network, focusing on AI partnerships. We establish processes, procedures, and standards to build and maintain relationships with partners, constantly monitoring progress and fostering long-term partnerships through evaluation and growth in the AI domain.


Unlocking Possibilities: GTAI Turns Your Solutions into Opportunities and Your Problems into Solutions!

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