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Outsourcing R&D services


  • GTAI excels in outsourcing R&D services, specializing in LLM, Deep Learning, and AI for video analytics, image processing, and behavior analysis.

  • GTAI leads software research and development initiatives across your organization, managing software development and QA teams with expertise in AI-driven technologies.

  • Our knowledge and skills have a broad impact on various technological domains, development projects, customer solutions, and internal stakeholders.

  • GTAI collaborates closely with product, solution, sales, operations, delivery units, and CTO teams, among other key stakeholders, to design, implement, and enforce global technical standards and system strategies for integrated AI systems.

GT R&D Roles and Responsibilities services


  • GTAI R&D Roles and Responsibilities in AI-Driven Video Analytics and Behavior Analysis

  • GTAI holds overall responsibility for all software development activities, with a strong focus on leadership in the field of LLM, Deep Learning, and AI.

  • We collaborate with product management and technology groups to shape future offerings, incorporating advanced AI development technologies and research.

  • GTAI ensures that AI-driven software development solutions are delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality, supporting the company's solutions and technological evolution roadmaps.

  • As visionaries, we evangelize and drive modern software development methodologies and tools, integrating them into our AI-focused development efforts.

  • GTAI builds trust in predictable delivery on governed technology platforms, establishing a software solution culture for both repeatable and one-time turnkey offerings.

  • We design and develop system and software architectures, processes, and budgetary planning for development groups, while communicating and documenting development plans and roadmaps to the organization.

  • GTAI creates low-cost, rapid development strategies that interoperate with existing technologies and AI solutions, managing and mentoring development staff and overseeing software development methodologies.

  • We evolve legacy systems and rationalize them into a unified system architecture, focusing on AI-driven video analytics and behavior analysis.

GTAI's R&D services are anchored in:


  • Over 10 years of management experience in software development teams, leading a distributed, multinational organization with at least 100 professionals specializing in LLM, Deep Learning, and AI for video analytics, image processing, and behavior analysis.

  • A senior technology business executive with broad global experience and market acumen in AI-driven technologies.

  • A proven track record in managing and expanding software development teams within a larger engineering technology/R&D arena, including technology incubation and advanced prototyping in AI and machine learning.

  • Expertise in a wide array of technologies and applications, including software development, engineering, Software-as-a-Service, SOA, Enterprise IT Systems, Command and Control (C2 and 4Ci) systems design and integration, Big Data and analytics, and interwoven engineering projects with a focus on AI.

  • Experience with and understanding of the financials of Software and Technology Development, particularly in the AI domain.

  • The ability to communicate with customers and stakeholders in a professional and diplomatic manner, working effectively at the most senior levels of management to deliver AI solutions.

  • Expertise across customer requirements development, structuring technology solutions, QA, and delivery in the context of AI-driven projects.

  • The ability to communicate a deep understanding of software, systems, and technical issues to a wide and diverse audience of partners, customers, prospective customers, and internal resources, with a focus on AI and machine learning.

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